As someone who has been capturing weddings for a few years now, I have seen so many mishaps and mistakes as well as some really genius ideas. Even some from planning my own wedding that I have seen is common among most weddings. These tips are just an accumulation from all those weddings. Some of these may apply to you and some won't and thats ok. Take what you can to make your wedding day smoother.

Tip #1

Trust your photographer. If you booked your photographer well before your wedding then more than likely you have seen this photographer or spoken to them several times before the big day. They have your timeline, your shot list etc. So on the day of trust your photographer when it comes to the pictures they are taking. They see the end result not just what is in front of them.

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Tip #2

If you plan on giving gifts on the day of your wedding either to your spouse or to your bridal party/groomsmen, please tell your photographer! The photographer's job is to capture the story of your wedding and the emotion of the day. The gifts that you are giving or getting are a huge part of the day and a part of the day you will definitely want to remember. I will also refer back to tip #1 because once your photographer knows, they may want you to open the gift or give the gift in a specific spot. They do this so that you will be in the best lighting possible for the best possible photos.

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Tip #3

Flatlays! Lots of bride's have asked me, how do I know what to bring for my detail shots for my wedding? I will usually give them a list of possible items. This is pretty common with all wedding photographers I think. Basically make sure to have your invitation suite and then anything you will be wearing that is not your dress, any small special things that family members have given you for the day etc. Its best to gather these things the day before or in the morning before you get to your getting ready spot and keep them in a box all together. Give this box to a bridesmaid with a copy of the list so that they are in charge of getting that box to the photographer and getting it from the photographer with everything back inside. That takes the pressure and one more task off of the bride.

Tip #4

If you are wanting your dress shot to be pristine, then bring a wooden hanger. Most wedding dresses come on that plastic hanger and a lot of brides don't think anything of it...except that hanger might just ruin the dress shot. If you are able to afford one, etsy has some really cute options that say "bride" or something cute built into it. Or you can go to the store and just find a regular wooden hanger. Another option is to ask if your photographer carries one on the wedding day. For me, I always have a wooden hanger in my wedding kit but there may be other photographers who don't.

Tip #5

Delegate! This should probably be #1. I cannot stress enough how busy a wedding day gets for the bride and groom. You both are going three different directions at all times, getting ready, having photos taken, remembering all the things like the marriage license. So the best thing you can do during your wedding planning is to lean on your bridesmaids and groomsmen on the day of your wedding. Break up the day of tasks that don't have to be done by you or your spouse, then split them up between your wedding party. You can even create day of lists on little cards for each person to carry around so they don't forget.

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