Why are these tips important?

If you have kids, then I am sure you remember how exhausted you were in the newborn phase. Newborn photo sessions happen in the first two weeks of birth. This makes sure that your photographer is able to catch all of the sweetness of that true newborn baby. After two weeks, your baby changes greatly as they are gaining weight and learning so fast. Especially for first time moms, this time is so hard, there is no schedule, baby thinks nighttime is daytime and as the parents you are utterly exhausted. These tips are an easy way for you to be as prepared as possible for your session and make it run as smoothly as possible. These things are not over the top or crazy things that you have to add to your already hectic schedule. These are things that you are probably doing anyway as you are learning your baby.

Tip Number 1

This is the easiest of all tips. Remember that these sessions usually last up to 2 hours and some take as little as 30 minutes. As the photographer, it doesn't matter if it takes all 2 hours. We go at baby's pace. You can just let go of the stress of "did I do everything right?" Even if you follow the other tips to a tee, sometimes baby just needs some extra time to move through the session and that is great. I do not care if we take all 2 hours, my priority is baby's safety and the portraits you are going to receive. I don't mind working extra with baby to get the photos.

Tip Number 2

I'm sure you have heard this one already: make the room or house comfortable for baby. Often times we think that means turning the house up to 80 degrees. I live in Texas though and in the summer that is just not a practical option. All you need usually is a couple degrees warmer than what you normally keep the house at. So if you keep your house at 68-bump it up to 70 or 71. If the house is too hot, that can also be bad for baby. Its an easy adjustment made about an hour or two before your session and can be changed back as soon as the session is over.

Tip Number 3

Feed your baby right before or at the beginning of the session. Even if its not "time for them to feed yet". A top off right before we start the session is so beneficial to you and baby. When baby has been fed, they are sleepy and that is the best thing when you want all of those cute baby poses by themselves. If a baby is sleepy enough, I can position them almost as much as I want. If baby wants to eat halfway through the session as well, thats fine by me. a freshly fed baby is a happy baby and happy babies photograph better.

Tip Number 4

Do not be afraid to get in the photos with your baby. Trust me, I get it. Those first two weeks after having a baby, you feel so gross. Baby is always attached to you, you are not sleeping well, showering is all over the place and your body feels like you got hit by a truck. But, I promise you, as a mom of four, you will regret not having those photos with your baby. And believe it or not, but makeup is not required to have beautiful photos of you and your baby. Your journey with this baby is just starting and you will want documentation of just how far you and your family have come when that baby turns 1 or 2 or 18. When baby is getting their photos, get everyone involved, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, pets, if grandparents are there let them get in the photos too.