First: Find your Photographer!

This probably seems silly to mention but one of the most important things to do to prepare for your session is to find a photographer. Please take your time looking at your options. Pro/con every person you find. Think about the future and if that photographer could continue to serve your family past the one session or event you have in mind. As a family photographer it is one of my joys to be able to see the same family year after year. To walk with each family as they grow. So finding a photographer who is someone who can aptly do couples, maternity, newborn of some kind, family etc is the best value for you because whenever these life changes come up, you don't have to search for another photographer for each one. All you do is call your friend who has been with you through it all. I would love to be your photographer and if you don't already know me head over to the blog post "All About Me".

Second: Figure out your location

Now, this does not need to be solely on you, the client. Most photographers have specific places where they like to shoot different sessions or families. If you have a specific location in mind as long as you let your photographer know, it should be doable. Remember that most photographers can work with unique or different spaces. If your photographer gives you a location they like to shoot at but you look up online and pictures and you aren't sure, simply ask them for photos they have shot in that space so you can see the results. And if your photographer checks out a location you want but comes back with problems about that location, bottom line I would trust the photographer. Above all the photographer is the expert. Your photographer has the end picture in their mind as well as all the creative pieces in the process that makes that image. If they are brining up problems its smart to listen.

Third: What to wear?

One thing I personally can get super caught up in when planning our next family session or maternity session, is the clothes. What is everyone going to wear? As a mom of four littles, I dress myself and all four kids already so I might as well figure out my husbands clothes too right? Any other women dress everyone else in their life? Well the good news is that there are so many photographers who have some type of "style guide" or "what to wear to my session" guide. I do too if you look at my other blog posts under "tips". Bottom line is please wear clothing that is comfortable and is suited to your family. AKA if you are a family who loves the beach, maybe don't show up in black tie to your session.

Last: How do I get my photos and how long til I get them?

Each photographer is different in the specifics of time til delivery and how they deliver. But they will go over with you their specific process and if they don't then please, just ask them!. My personal turnaround time is within two weeks for all sessions and within a month for events and weddings (with a sneak peak the first few days after the wedding). My seasonal sessions are different because they are so short, so I get those delivered within 5 days. How I deliver is through an online gallery that makes downloading easy and purchasing prints or gift products (like gallery wrapped canvas or mounted prints) is even easier.

Above all

You and your photographer are both working for the best session and the best end result for you. You as the client provide necessary information and vision for what will work well with your family while the photographer is the expert in the creative side of things, together you create art. This is a symbiotic relationship that both parties must equally participate in. And it will go much more smoothly if you the client are comfortable with your photographer.