What to wear?

Not everyone is a style guru. And you don't have to be one to get beautiful pictures from your session. Don't let the question "What would I wear?" stop you from scheduling a session. First and foremost, wear a smile or a laugh. If you are having fun at the session then your clothes won't really matter because the emotion and love is present in your photos. If you would like more info than that keep reading for my curated tips that will work for any session so that you don't need to stress about outfits the day before your session.

#1 Wear something you are comfortable in

There is nothing like trying to pose when you are concerned that something on your clothes are itchy or the outfit is so restricting that you cannot sit down or bend over. The place to start in my opinion is always with something that you are 100% comfortable in. You will be more confident which will lead to your photos coming out better if you are not focused on how much you don't like your clothes, or how you look in the clothes.

#2 Matching vs Cohesive

Decide if you want to all match either with the same shirt or same color. Or if you want all the boys in one color and the girls in another color. You can match solids or prints. Just choose a print that isn't too busy like a checker print or stripes. You can also choose a cohesive look by putting everyone in clothes in the same color family. So in summer and fall choose those warmer colors and in winter and spring choose cool colors. When going for a cohesive look you can mix patterns as long as the patterns are not too distracting. Stripes and florals are good patterns to put together and you can have up to 4 different patterns before things get too busy.

#3 Kids should be extra comfortable

Prioritize your children being able to move, breathe, run, bend etc in their outfit choice. If your child is too uncomfortable, they will not be in the best mood and the session will be a battle. Choose loose pants or a dress and button downs that allow for bending without busting the buttons. Also think about their shoes. For some children, they are most comfortable in sandals and others love to run in their cowboy boots even though they can seem heavy. In this instance it can be better to rely on your child's choice. If they are able to run, play and explore their session will go very smoothly and you get beautiful candid moments.

#4 Family Style

When all else fails rely on your own family or personal style. Its all well and good to have matching clothes or a cohesive look but if it doesn't represent your family or personal style the photos will not be the best representation of you or your family. My goal in these sessions is to create timeless memories frozen in time to document your family or your life. You want to be able to look at those photos and know that those photos are the best representation of your family or yourself.