March 15, 2021 and April 22, 2022

This couple got married in El Paso, TX. This wedding was very unique in that it came together fully in two different days almost a year apart. Andrew is in the army on active duty, so the first half of their wedding day happened before his deployment (their actual anniversary) and the actual party and full ceremony with friends and family happened after he returned. The first venue was New Wine church and the second was The Magnolia's at Gracewood. If you notice a difference between some of the locations or casts of the photos it's because I am blending these two days into one to show a complete story of their wedding day(s). March consisted of wonderful moments with their family as well as a full, specially and specifically planned out ceremony where the bride's brother played guitar and both of her brothers stood up with her instead of bridesmaids. The only ones in attendance were family members and only a couple of close friends. In April, they included their whole bridal party as well as all of their friends. It truly was a party as everyone got to celebrate without all the pressure of most wedding days. In the end, both days were equally amazing and beautiful for different reasons. This couple very much showed how much they appreciate their close circle of family and friends on both days and it was a joy to be a part of, both days.